This was my first assignment for a public authority! As a Senior Communications Consultant for SmartwayZ.NL, I contributed to the achievement of good traffic accessibility and traffic flow in the south of the Netherlands. This programme involved intensive collaboration between public authorities, market participants and knowledge parties.

The Dutch economy is thriving, with the strongest growth being realized in the Eindhoven region. Consumers are spending more, which is clear from the number of customers in shops, full terraces and also the increased number of cars and trucks on the roads. Public authorities, market participants and knowledge institutions have announced that the region is working hard to develop a smart mobility network. This was the challenge put to the communications taskforce at SmartwayZ.NL, which I headed from July 2019 until July 2019. Efforts to bring together all of the parties involved, whether collaborating with each other within the programme or external parties collaborating with the programme from outside, were equally as important as the network to be put in place. I hugely enjoyed working with a team of driven professionals in my own region!